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A historic hotel in Mandal

The house was built in 1836 by Tønnes Reymert from Kristiansand. He received merchant citizenship in Mandal and therefore built this Kjøbmandsgaarden. He was active in the town's life and work, and was elected as a citizen representative in the last election this was relevant. But the election was rejected by the magistrate in Kristiansand because Tønnes Reymert was not among the people the magistrate himself had proposed. Wathne took over the house in the late 1840s and in 1850 built a barge bow down towards the river.

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The story of hotel in Mandal is never ends

This building "the red one" was eventually moved to the new site at the bus station directly across the street and recently to Klevenda where a new shopping center was to be built on the site it stood on. In 1903 the building was taken over by Theodor Gabrielsen. Here, a hardware business was run until the end of the 1980s.


And in 1990, Norway's finest hostel opened in the building. After a conversion to hotel standard in 1998/99, the business was renamed Kjøbmandsgaarden Hotel. In the restaurant and meeting rooms, you will find on display a selection of a "farmer's" product range in the 1950s-60s.

A census from the year 1900 had the following information about the residents of the house. A total of 15 people lived in the house: 2 adults, 10 children, 1 cook and 2 maids. 10 years later there were 14 living at the same address.

Hotel in mandal is working now

Today you can use the services of one of the oldest hotels in Mandal and touch the history of this city. And our high-quality service, comfortable rooms and impeccable cuisine will do everything to make your stay in our city pass only with positive emotions

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