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Weekends in Mandal - spend them with unforgettable comfort

The small town of Mandal is located in southern Norway. It's a place where you can find new experiences, recharge your energy, and enjoy unique panoramas. Spend your weekends in Mandal to be inspired by the longest beach, Sjøsanden, the beautiful natural park, Furulunden, and the lively river, Mandalsselva.

Places to relax in Mandal

Visiting the city of Mandal is worth it for anyone who loves nature and tranquility, as well as those into active recreation and extreme sports. Here, you'll find everything you need to spend your weekends actively and joyfully. In the town, you can have fun alone, with friends, pets, family, and children. Book a comfortable hotel in Mandal to see:

  • A natural park with beaches, playgrounds, and running tracks.

  • An 800m long beach.

  • The North Sea.

  • The river Mandalsselva.

  • Picturesque Norwegian villages near the city.

Beach in Mandal
Beach in Mandal

The population of the city reaches 11 thousand people. On the streets, you can meet many tourists from Norway and other countries. They come to see unique panoramas with their own eyes, feel the clean sea air, and touch the large trees.

One can choose a peaceful retreat, stroll through the park or on the beach. Set up a picnic in the park or sit in a comfortable lounger and watch the water. Embark on a fishing adventure and combine excitement with meditation.

However, in Mandal, you can also find extreme relaxation. Kayaking or rafting, boat trips, or trekking routes – everything is available. After an eventful day, you can relax and rejuvenate at Kjøbmandsgaarden Hotel.

In addition to leisure in the city itself, you can visit its surroundings and nearby settlements. Among them is the city of Lindesnes, which can be reached in less than an hour. Here awaits the oldest lighthouse in Norway, as well as an underwater restaurant and unusual museums.

In Lindesnes, you can also immerse yourself in coastal relaxation and enjoy nature. Over the weekend, you'll have time to replenish energy, find motivation for new achievements, and dispel worries.

A hotel where comfort is paramount

The key to a great journey is comfortable and cozy accommodation. If you need a room in Mandal, the best option awaits at Kjøbmandsgaarden Hotel. It is located in a historic building and has a range of advantages:


Spacious, cozy, clean rooms with double beds and all necessary amenities


Staff serving visitors 24/7


Free Wi-Fi access


Free breakfast, service in the restaurant and bar


A pleasant view from the window is a bonus to your stay at the hotel

In our hotel, you can spend weekends, holidays, or business trips. You will feel at home thanks to comfortable and stylish rooms and high-quality service. An appetizing breakfast awaits you, along with tasty dishes from the regular restaurant menu.

Restaurant and bar in hotel
Restaurant and bar in hotel

You can comfortably use your laptop, watch TV, and read books. Around you, there are plenty of places to relax, and you can reach them on foot, as Mandal is a small town.

Make your Weekends in Mandal perfect

An additional advantage is the tranquil and cozy atmosphere of the hotel, along with friendly and welcoming staff who will help resolve any issues.

Staying at Kjøbmandsgaarden Hotel will enrich your experience and become another pleasant memory of your journey. Choose and book rooms online to make your trip unforgettable.

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